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The Only Way Is...

Well, what a month it has been...or two actually, guess it has been a little longer since my last post than I thought. I should probably catch you up then, bring us all up to date and back on track to make this a regular thing...again. There are some big challenges brewing, so better get both on with this and on with some training. So sit back, and enjoy the ride (pun intended).

I will skip all the boring work stuff, that is not why you are reading this, but needless to say trying to fit any cycling and training around and all encompassing and demanding role is difficult. We all dream of perfect jobs - what is yours? Mine would be cycling around the world taking photos and telling stories (if someone could fund that, it would be amazing) and it definitely wouldn't involve sitting in an office 12h's a day. Until my true vocation becomes a reality, then we must accept what is currently to hand...and dream a little longer.

So, May started with the 28hr Project (see previous blog) and culminated with the Ride London Essex 100, formally known as the Prudential ride London and as the name suggests, has moved from the Surrey Hills to the other side of town. Once Surrey Council said they didn't want to host it any more, Essex Council were more than happy to put their hands up - and so the Essex 100 was borne. Gone is Box and Leith Hills and enter Epping Forest...and Braintree. The ride itself was in most pleasant enough, albeit significantly flatter than the aforementioned Surrey ride. After a quick 10km warm up ride to the start line I was ready to roll, but time seemed to stand still a little bit and after a long walk on cleats (not recommended) and standing around waiting, I was really ready to get going as was starting to shiver. About 5km into the 162km circuit, the blood was flowing enough to stop shivering/shaking, and could get on with enjoying the ride and the day.

Apart from a 15min wait for ambulances after a nasty crash (not me), and what I thought quite a dull final 20/30km, it was a really nice ride. Chatting to random people along the way was interesting, especially those that had never attempted anything of this distance before, so was quite happy to impart some of my wisdom (*in the broadest possible sense) to help...or just talk to them whilst riding (the kilometres go by quicker that way). I am not a racer or sprinter, but always have the inner drive to push myself, and although not the fastest time by a fair distance, I was very happy with my result - 100 miles completed in 5 hours 44 minutes 17 seconds...go me!

So that was May done, and onto June - this year is speeding past faster than the Essex 100, we will be in July before we kno...oh, thats right. So June had some interesting parts, which I must tell you all about in the next installment - part 2 coming very soon.

Sleep now, for tomorrow I ride.

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