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LEJOG Day 3: Bristol to Stourbridge


Daily Total








Riding Time

6 44m 50s

22h 44m 5




Other Daily Stats You May Be Interested In

Average Speed: 23.1km/h

Max Speed: 63.7km/h

Average Power: 139 watts

Max Power: 732 watts

Average Cadence: 76rpm

Max Heart Rate: 131bpm

Third day of challenge, and third day of a headwind - it does wear you down after a while, so it was lucky that it was raining for most of the day to change it up a bit. Sometimes you just have to smile through it, as you can only get so wet.

Up until 2pm, it was pretty grim - headwind, obviously not a lot of photos today, and I am sure some of the scenery would have been amazing, but it was difficult to see for most of the day, although it did dry up towards the end. So my day primarily revolved around getting to the end of the day with some sanity, and various food stops. The first, as I was barrelling down the A38 (I think) was a van in a layby called Buttyman, yep - had to stop there. Got a double egg, sausage and bacon bap - it was the greatest thing I have ever tasted, which maybe the tiredness talking, but it was amazing. It was hot, delicious, and for someone who was saturated and cold, it was absolutely perfect. Would have taken a "before" shot, but was too hungry.

Fuelled and with an inner warmth, I set off again into the rain. Progress had been slow in the morning, so like yesterday, just got my head down for a couple of hours to make a dent in the daily total. Soon it was lunch time, and I was on the hunt for a farm shop. I could just grab something from a little village, but I am keen on a good farm shop, and found one called Clives Fruit Farm. It was about a mile off the main road, but we'll worth it. Had a great farm shop, but don't really have the room on the bike for all those goodies I would have grabbed, but did get some lunch. Was talking to the lovely ladies there about my challenge, and they gave me a free cake - cherry and almond bake, a-mazing.

At this point, I only had 50km to go, so trundled through lovely little villages stopped raining! So happy to finally pull into Stourbridge, and dry off, warm up, and get some more food in the belly (this is really just an excuse for a 10 day eatfest).

I think the above photo sums up the day quite well, there was a grim kind of beauty to it, although honestly, glad it is over. Very happy in the progress so far, over the 500km mark in three days, and heading north. Legs are sore, but they will keep pedalling.

Eat now, for tomorrow I ride.

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2 commentaires

Jealous of the cherry and almond cake but sounds like it was well deserved

En réponse à

It was delicious, and fresh out of the over so ever so slightly warm. Went down very well.

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