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LEJOG Day 1: Land's End to Plymouth


Daily Total

Cumulative Total







Riding Time

6h 53m 48s

6h 53m 48s

Calories Burned



Other Daily Stats You May Be Interested In

Average Speed: 23.8km/h

Max Speed: 73.1km/h

Average Power: 160watts

Max Power: 612watts

Average Cadence: 79rpm

Max Heart Rate: 180bpm

Eating two pots of porridge in my room this morning, as breakfast didn't start till after I wanted to get away (it is Sunday after all), still an excellent start - I do love porridge. So breakfast done, the appropriate photo taken at the sign, and at that point I guess it hit me how far it is to the top of Scotland, and the journey to get there. I rode up to the start line, stopped, took a photo, took a breathe, looked around to take it all in (there was no one there) and started to pedal.

The ride itself was lovely even though it was a fairly gloomy day, and went through some amazing scenery and places. One thing I can confidently say about Cornwall, it is not fact, there isn't much flat road at all (I think the only part I went through was the Penzance foreshore).

After a quick blast through Penzance, and headed around the bay to come across this lovely sight - St Michaels Mount.

Heading through Truro and then up to Bodmin and over the Moor, some amazing villages (most are St something), incredible scenery, and a couple of lovely ladies in a little service station that fed a very hungry cyclist. I had a Cornish Pasty and bbq chicken sandwich, I went back in to see if there was a bin around and nice lady no 1 asked "where did you put all that?", "I ate it all" I replied, "oh to be young" she said. I'll take that!

So I sit here fully fed, ready for bed, and looking at my longest day tomorrow, and what looks like a very damp ride. It wouldn't be fun if it was easy.

Sleep now, for tomorrow I ride

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1 Comment

Well done Matt, first day done and under your belt, you’re on the way!

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