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Finding time? Making time!

Dear 2022, How can we be in March already? I mean, I was sure that Christmas only just happened...WhereTF has time gone? Oh, work you say - that probably explains it. Good point well made.

So if my work:work balance hasn't changed (or potentially got worse), where have these cycling adventures, blogs, amazing photos, etc gone? Well, nowhere - they haven't happened yet...yet being the operative word...but there is life in the old legs, lots of muscle memory, and a keenness to get out and explore. Although there has been a lot going on in the day job, I have also moved from my East London pad to a greener, more accessible area - so there has actually been quite a lot going on. I am now in however, fully in, so can start riding and planning and riding some more. Weekend past, which had some glorious weather, I actually got out on my bike both days (first time this year), with some quick little rides (50km and 30km) to explore the local area but also dust the legs off and get the blood flowing again. Building back up the distance and endurance is more about confidence in my ability than anything else, but I am sure you younger folk will say that I should be taking it easy at my age - although I am confident I could ride rings around the lot of you (humbly speaking of course).

So, quick recap of my power numbers for the previous weekend (above), and where my initial target will be for each of the metrics. My goal this weekend, as I will be out both Saturday and Sunday, is to beat at least a few of these and raise them to new heights - with Sunday looking like a perfect day to hit the Surrey Hills, some of these are going to definitely fall...or I will bonk...which ever comes first. The above is just a quick 5 minute job, I will be analysing all my stats from previous rides to build a more detailed picture, get a solid training plan together, then see what I can actually achieve by years end (and get a proper analytical person to interrogate the data). I am also going to approach some industry people to see where proper riders numbers sit, as just for a side goal, going to aim for a few local KOM's - let the locals know I have arrived. All a bit of fun, but seriously - have you ever wandered what you are actually capable of if you didn't hold yourself back?

You may remember from previous blog posts that I am after local information (local to you, not me) as my "Project 48" is getting off the ground in the very near future. If you drop me a line of where to go (be nice please), what to see, routes to take, hills to climb etc, I would be extremely grateful and make sure I explore it all when I am in your neighbourhood.

Sleep now, for tomorrow I ride.

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