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2 Steps Back, 1 Step Forward

Covid: The easist way to wipe out a month of gains in a week...well that is what it felt like after a short 30km ride. I am not the best at taking it easy, just ask anyone that knows me, so probably pushed a little more than I should have, but lungs were burning by the end...and it was only an hour.

I have barely left the house in the previous week and have probably only averaged around 700 steps per day, but managed to balance that all out with long work days - although that is not what you would normally call balance. I love the great outdoors, generally despise being inside unless there is a good reason to be there (find a reason to escape whenever possible), so the last week has been hell, even though I know why I have been isolating, not wanting to pass it on to anyone else and all that...but it is still rubbish.

This time around was a lot better that the first time, didn't end up in hospital for one thing (which is always a good thing), although can definitely feel an impact on my chest, so will (against my own drive) have to take it easy for a few weeks and build back up. There are a couple of impending May challenges (details to follow soon), both of which are of reasonable length (both distance and time), so the curve is going to have to be consistent, not exponential like I would normally do.

Thankfully, the days are getting longer, it is lighter in the evening, and hopefully it is going to warm up soon. It was bloody freezing riding around the other morning (and yes i know, cold air isn't the best for lungs either), even had full winter tights and jersey on! I mean it is April, second month of Spring, it should be a little warmer now shouldn't it??

I kept my rides local, mainly flat without too many hills as I find it hard to resist thinking I am in the polka dot jersey and flying up them, but it was great to get outside in the fresh (very fresh) air and sunshine even if it hurt a little...but legs were fine - which is interesting. I have been doing some resistance work to increase endurance (ideally to hold a higher power for longer), and I think that is starting to work, just need my lungs to catch back up now. I think I said last time that I was going to analyse the numbers a little more, time to invest some more time in my cycling, and less in work!

2022 has started slow, that is for sure, but it will ramp up - it is going to be an amazing year, that is one thing I can be sure of.

Sleep now, for tomorrow I ride.

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